Donna. Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry.

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AUAllison is still here, even if we can’t see her.

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The Magic Begins
↳ 9: A Character you feel the need to defend: Draco Malfoy

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We hunt those who hunt us

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one condition, it has to be amazing.

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tv show meme ; [1/5] Male Characters Eleventh Doctor

All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere, every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

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Happy 34th birthday, Robin Scherbatsky!    [July 23, 1980]

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Home is behind, the world ahead,
and there are many paths to tread
through shadows to the edge of night,
until the stars are all alight.

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dean meme: four reoccuring themes [1/4] » dean + eating his words

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Karl Urban Character Photo Challenge.



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graphic battle / hoechin
round four: silhouettes

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